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Organic olives picked when they are green or at veraison, extra virgin olive oil extracted cold, in a matter of hours, naturally flavoured olive oil...

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Restaurants, gourmet shops, consumer groups, gifts for events..

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Visit La Grama

You can visit the mill and the olive grove. In our tasting room you will learn how to distinguish a good olive oil and different ways to use it

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Adopt an olive tree

Adopt one of our olive trees and receive part of the organic extra virgin olive oil it produces. An almost eternal and original gift

Adopt an olive tree
Land, olive trees, people and a mill

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About us

Organic extra virgin olive oil, early harvest olive oil produced in Toledo (Spain) and with direct distribution in Spain and Belgium, online shop and special offer for restaurants and gourmet shops. Visit La Grama, visit the mill and the olive grove. Adopt an olive tree

Extra virgin olive oil

An early harvest organic olive oil, made in our mill with olives from our own olive trees that you can buy online

Business clients

A special offer for professionals (restaurants, gourmet shops, gifts for events). Customised labels, tips and more

Visit La Grama

Visit our olive grove and mill. In the tasting room you will learn how to distinguish a good olive oil and different ways to use it

Adopt an olive tree

You can adopt one of our olive trees and receive part of its olive oil at home. An original and almost eternal gift for your loved ones

About us

We are land, olive trees and people

The land is just over 30 hectares of organic olive groves in La Guardia (Toledo), at the entrance of La Mancha region. The oldest olive trees are more than 60 years old and others have been planted only 3 or 4 years ago. As for the people, some of us work in the mill, grind the olives cold and store the olive oil in the tanks, we bottle it when we receive an order, others work in the fields looking after the olive trees and the land where they are planted

We are a mill

The latest arrival in the La Grama project is a mill. A family mill, one of the smallest in the area, which works with the most modern machinery and above all trying to grind the olives and squeeze the juice out of them without damaging the exceptional quality of the fruit. The mill is next to the Autovía de Andalucía, less than 1 hour from Madrid and Toledo. It can be visited and even has a tasting room where you can discover the world of olive groves and olive oil

We are also

100% Green Energy

The solar panels of the mill generate 100% of the energy we consume throughout the year, even more than we consume. We only irrigate the olive grove when absolutely necessary, and for this we also use solar energy

100% Organic

The mill and the olive grove are certified 100% organic. We try to take care of nature and pass it on to the next generations with the smallest possible footprint. This is how we understand organic farming

100% Quality

We take care of the fruit, harvest it when it is green or in veraison (changing coulour) and grind it in a matter of hours. Above all, we make an early harvest olive oil. Harvesting early means that we need more kilos of olives to produce a liter of olive oil

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